Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lasty night an MCP sculpture of the Owl from "So Dear To My Heart" sold on ebay for over AU$1,000.

I think this might set a record for an MCP piece, as it's the highest I have ever seen one sell for. It'
s also the first time I have ever seen the owl listed on ebay.

The piece was stickered which always makes a difference to the price.

Here is a link to the auction:


Tim said...

I know what you meant but just thought I would clarify. This Owl is most likely the highest price paid at public auction for an MCP Disney piece but it is not the highest price MCP piece sold at auction.

There have been atleast 2 Grecian scene plates that I know of that have sold around the $2500 mark on eBay both decorated by Orpheus Arfaras plus others I'm sure at regular auction houses around Australia.

I know this is outside the scope of your blog but thought I would mention it.

Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

bballender said...

Brayton Laguna Coachman Candy Jar from Pinocchio sold for 4000-6000 at Hakes