Friday, June 12, 2009

The standing Bambi was manufacture by both MCP and Evan Shaw. He stands about 6 inches high and is most frequently found with repaired legs, as they are quite thin. Finding an intact one is not too difficult as this figurine seems to turn up on Ebay most frequently.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yet another colourway in the Bambi series of wall vases, this one featuring Thumper.


Tramp from the 1954 film "Lady and the Tramp", my favourite Disney film. I have passed this figurine over thinking it was too sloppily made to be MCP, and I could kick myself now, as I have since seen him with a sticker selling for very high prices!!

I am assuming there must have been a Lady as his companion piece, but I have never seen her.

Minnie Mouse was made both here and in the USA and comes complete with broom and apron, because a 50's housewife needed no other accessories!

This charming Mickey Mouse stands at around 4 inches in height and comes in several different paint applications (I guess the factory went thru alot of painters in its day). He is holding abunch of flowers for his sweetheart. This figurine was also produced in the USA.

MCP did a version of The Mad Hatter similar to the US version. I am ot sure of the size difference, but I think the Australian version stands at around 5 inches high, and there is also a March Hare.
This Dumbo with a hat was available through Evan Shaw and also turned up as part of the MCP range in Australia.

A cute little Flower vase that uses the same sculpt as those used for the wall vases.

Wall Masks

There is a mysterious set of wall masks/plaques that occasionally turn up and are attributed to MCP. I have never seen them with an identifying sticker, but they do turn up in Australia.

Panchito is a charming figurine from the 1944 Disney film "The Three Caballeros". He stands at about 5 inches high and comes ins everal different colour variations.

Gus and Jaq, the two mice from Cinderella, stand at about 4 inches high.

Ugly Cinderella

This ugly Cinderella stands at about 6 inches high. This is exceptionally rare, and I have also seen here with gold stars painted on the dress. Not a good representation of the character and also Australian only, as far as I know.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum were available from MCP but I am not sure if their was a height difference between the US and Australian versions. Exceptionally rare, I have seen them sell for AU$600 a pair!

Figaro stands at about three inches high and is one of the more often seen characters in the MCP range. he was also available in the USA as part of the Evan Shaw range.

Two small Bambi figurines measuring about three inches in height. Produced by MCP and also to the best of my knowledge available in the USA.

Standing at around five inches high this Bambi vase bears an MCP mark imprinted on it's underside, and the distinctive painting of the other Bambi figurines in the range. It is a bit of a stretch to consider this one "Disneyish".

Peter Pan's Wendy

Though not a good likeness for the character of Wendy from Disney's Peter Pan, this naive figurine was still part of the MCP range. I am not sure of it's measurements nor if it was reproduced in the US or elsewhere. I also don't know if other figurines from Peter Pan were produced.