Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is an ad from a 1940s Disney catalogue from the Leonardi company which I just found via Hakes,the auction house.

The Dumbo figurine in the bottom left was also made as part of the MCP range and is one of the most common to turn up,he must have been very popular.Who knows where these designs originated and ended up!

The small chipmunk at top left also turns up in Australia,but I assumed it was not a Disney character because the ones I have seen have had the most appalling paint jobs and sloppy molding.I think it is supposed to be a chipmunk from "Snow White".I've picked it up several times at markets and been unable to decide what it was,and promptly put it back!

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Anonymous said...

The chipmonk figure that you refer to from this price guide is Australian Pottery but not made by MCP. It was made by Diana Pottery. I believe it was an attempt to garner some of the Disney market from MCP with no legal rights to make Disney products. It is part of a series of pseudo characters that were never marked or had stickers but were certainly made by Diana in Sydney at the same time as MCP.