Sunday, August 17, 2008

1948 "So Dear To My Heart" Owl

In 1948 Disney released a combination live action and animation feature called "So Dear to my Heart".

The character of the wise owl is little seen in merchnadise form,here he is in a cel from the film.
And here he is in ceramic form,beautifully hand-painted and sculpted,made in Australia by MCP.
He wasnt made in the USA and I have only ever seen one of these figurines in my life.Exceptionally rare!He's shown below for size comparison with the MCP Dumbo (that was also produced by Leonardi).The owl stands about 5 inches high and is in my opinion the best of the MCP sculpts.


Matt said...

I think the Dumbo you are referring to I'd the Zaccagnini figure, Leonardi I'd an English company that produced plaster or chalkware figures. The Zaccagnini figure is nearly identical to the MCP. That owl figure Is way cool.

Matt said...

I stand corrected...just saw your post of the Leonardi advert, who knew?

Centaurette said...

What an interesting array of figures! I just found my way here (from Vintage Disney Alice) and will certainly be back.

The hunt will now be on for The Wise Old Owl--did they also make Danny the Lamb in this series or (heaven forbid!) Scotty MacSpider?

There is far too little merchandise available from this charming, lovely film. Though "So Dear To My Heart" has been available on DVD in the UK for some time, it has only just now been made available in that format in the US, though not in stores. It is a title exclusive to The Disney Movie Club on-line service and easily available there, though it is a pity that its DVD Region 1 audience will have to hunt so hard to find it!

Kevin Kidney said...

Fantastic Owl! A wonderful character from a beautiful film. I just got my DVD copy of "So Dear To My Heart" from the Disney Movie Club (as Centaurette also pointed out) and it's a treasure.

Anonymous said...

I have this owl figurine in mint condition still with the original sticker on it. Any idea of value?